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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

"The Fistful of Earth"
"The Path of Clarification"

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


Son, I shall relate to you a small story. Listen son, you should familiarise yourself with all I have so far said. Know this, and take to heart the subtle story I am going to tell you.

The Unknowable Great Mighty One, the Lord of the crores of multitudes, The Primordial Compassionate Protector, the Pure One that shines like a Sparkling Light created the true thing called “man”. In the creation of 
“manu-eesan“ (man–the–divine) a fistful of earth was given to his hand. It is this fistful of earth that is manu – eesan. I shall tell you the power of this fistful of earth. Listen.

Allah said, 

“O man–the–divine", inside ths fistful of earth I have given you, there are several wonders. If you sieve it, you will find it contains the fundamentals of gold, iron, brass, earth, stone, sand, brilliant, precious stone, diamond, emerald, ruby and many other materials. You should sieve this fistful of earth, separate the metals, weigh them, count them, measure them, record them and look for Me."

The Lord so explained this with His Grace.

We are those fistfuls of earth. Those born with me know this. 

Inside the fistful of earth are miraculous items. If man is to become manu – eesan, he should repeatedly dissect this body which is made up of earth.  

He should discard the unwanted portions, place them in a vessel, close it up, dig a pit and bury them there in order to give account of it on a future date.  

The unwanted items are lust, miserliness, bigotry, greed and envy which are the five worst ingredients found in the fistful of earth. These are the first impurities found in the fistful of earth. You should place them in a vessel and bury them in a pit dug up for this purpose.  

Thereafter the remaining earth should be washed and dried and the dirt therein sieved, weighed, recorded in the book of the heart and buried in a pit dug up for this purpose.  

When you repeatedly sieve this earth there will emerge 63 impurities. You should take account of these 63 impurities and bury them in a pit dug up for this purpose as described.  

Now look at the remaining earth and you will see nine kinds of precious stones, separating themselves and emerging from the earth. These nine precious stones are the nine openings. You should weigh these nine precious stones, measure them, take account of them and bury them in a pit.  

Now look at the remaining earth after sieving it further and you will see three separate parts. One of these three portions will show itself as the five types of dirt and rule the destitute mind. 

These impure substances too should be weighed , measured, taken into account and buried underground. 

I say this with certainity. 

Listen. If you further sieve the remaining earth, it will divide itself into two parts, one of which will appear as three parts of six regiments. 

They will say with arrogance, 

“I shall travel the world over in half a second. Look at me! Look at my beauty! Look at the place in which I live! Within me is this palace. Inside this palace am I !“  

With the destructive ego of “I” ness they develop themselves two by two and wage war, standing in three parts. These warriors exhibit their arrogance with restless disunity, indiscipline,. Without any kindness, without any calmness and without the love of God. They ceaselessly wage war with arrogance. 

You should know this. You should fathom them, differentiate between good and bad, weigh them and keep account of them. When you look you can see one of them appear pure while five of them are impure. You should measure the impurities, weigh them and bury them in a pit you have dug up. 

When you filter the remaining earth, you will find it shines as three parts. They are the first three characters.  

When you keep on washing and filtering the remaining earth repeatedly, you will find these three eventually appear as one. These are man’s three characters. If you wash these three again, dry them and sieve them, you will see them divide themselves into twelve kinds.

Question: “What is this? You have separated yourself into twelve.“

Answer:  “Don’t you know us? We are the twelve signs of the zodiac, the rulers who shake you up.”

Question“What are your names? “

Answer:  “We are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. There are twelve of us.

Question: “What work do the twelve of you do?”

Answer:  “We rule the nine openings that appear in the fistful of earth. We are known as the nine “grahas“ (planets).

Question:  “Where are the other three?“

Answer:  “Filter well and look. You will then know their secret.“

Question“Are you then so strong?”

My children, you should weigh them, measure them and bury them in a pit. When you sieve this earth further, it will divide itself into three parts. If you sieve the remaining earth again, it will appear as four types.

Question: “Who are you?”

Answer:  “I am earth. I am fire. I am air. I am water.“

Question“What work do each of you perform?”

Then they intermingle themselves and form into the body of man. You stand there in fear and deep thought. 

The four of them look at you and ask, 

“What are you thinking?”

You say. 

“ I feel frightened when I see your marvels!  
How can we escape from you? 

They laugh and say, 

“You wonder how to escape from us! 
 The remedy is in yourself.  
The remedy to destroy us, is within you.  

there is medicine to protect us.” 

They say this in a jestful manner and the four of them separate themselves. 

You say, 

“What wonder is this! 
 I washed the earth and dried it and filtered it. 
 They have joined themselves like eyes.  
What does it mean? 
They stand as if blind."

Question“Who are you?”

Answer:  “Our history has been related by those who have come before. Don’t you know this?”

Reply:  “No, please tell me.”

Answer:  “We are the twelve openings called the twelve Rasis, (signs of the zodiac). Within the rasis are the nine grahas (planets) which rule the openings.

The one created by Saturn rules the opening of the umbilicus. I rule the third eye on the forehead. Another rules the opening at the top of the head. The three rasis. You will see everything inside us."

Question:  “If you have all this ability why are you blind?”

Answer:  “How do you know we are blind? Sieve the earth and see, you fool!” 

You further filter the earth which divides itself and appears as three colours. One is green pearl, another is green diamond and the third throws out brilliant sparks.

Question:  “Who are you that appear in three colours?"

Answer :  Filter the earth, you fool. When you sieve the earth again, you will see that three letters appear. “ They are “ Alif”, “Laam” and “Meem”.

Question:  “Who are you?”

Answer:  “I am Allah. This is my Messenger, Muhammad. This is Muhaiyaddeen.”

Question:  “Where are you?”

Answer:  “Muhammad is in the forehead. Muhaiyaddeen Abdul Cader is in the lotus (heart). I am enshrined in all the lives.“

Saying this, they unite into One. You wash the pearl of three colours again and you see one colour radiating as one brilliant spark which envelopes the great wide universe. 

You look at it and ask, 

“Who are you? 
What is your strength?”

The Great Light says, 

“Hey, you wish to know my strength ! I am mixed up with you. If you wish to see Me, you should be alone ; you should be hungry and you should be awake. If you wish to see my secrets, say these sentences that contain good guru sakthis (powers):

exhaling through your left nostril.

Ill allahu“  
breathing in through your right nostril 
and stationing it in your heart.

"If you recite this twenty–one thousand-six hundred and twenty–one in breaths (21,621) a day, standing alone, staying in hunger and staying awake, I am with you and you are with Me. All my secrets are within you and all your secrets are within Me".

"We are both One in the remaining purity of the fistful of earth given to you and filtered by you. You and I are inside the one pearl of wisdom. The 2x7, the fourteen worlds are within us and the grahas (planets), the rasis 
(zodiac signs), the stars are all within our worlds. 

So says the Lord.

Know this, my son. We are all within One Father. Know this with clarity.  

Those who sieve the earth are those who are spoken of as Aalimeens and Swamis. 

My son, you have now seen the picture with clarity and you know with determination that the Father is One. You know the Father. All the words I have spoken should be embedded in your mind.  

Do not fail to apply the guru- mantra, the excellent guru power. Remember that by the power of this guru- mantra, you will come to know the Father and His Secrets. 

O my son, may you be united with your Father.

Son, I shall tell you another secret. In this state you will find that there are manifold secrets within the wonder of the fistful of earth. 

O son, it is very difficult to sieve the fistful of earth, to cleanse it and separate it, part by part. How much is it more difficult then, to complete the filtering of the numerous fistfuls of earth of multiples of millions ?

You cannot filter this world and separate it. It will be remarkable if you can complete the one fistful of earth given to you. 

You do not know the number of the fistfuls of earth in this world. You cannot measure them. Do not waste your time on this. If you can filter repeatedly the one fistful of earth given to you, then you will find the Father. 

This is the Only Truth.

All the impurities should be buried in a pit.  

My son, all this will be in accordance with your certitude, faith and firm determination that you hold in your hand while you sieve the earth. 

This is "The Path of Clarification". I say this emphatically. 

Son, be observant.


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