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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


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His Holiness Teaches His Children:

Guru : 

Son, Allah exists as one. He has created many kinds of lives. But above them all, He has created man-the-divine manu – ieesan, who is capable of high clarity. He has given him analytical wisdom among all His creatures. He has named man-the divine manu-eesan, the only one who can analyse and dissect wisdom by activating with grace the Primordial One.  

Man, the superior being excels all other lives and is capable of knowing things and delving into the unknown, even to the sphere of the devas ( spirits and angels ).  

Man has to become manu-eesan to know this path. There are only a few such people in this world. They are the prophets, yogis, swamis, aalims, ulemaas, gnanis, poets, munees and masthams. Some of them can perform miracles and seek redemption.  

Son, they are all determined on the One God with certitude. They are unmindful of the body and of food. They have belief in the Only One. They love only Him. They show compassion on all lives created by Allah. They think of all other lives as their own. They possess clarity of mind and are conscious of the good and the evil. They conduct themselves with reason, justice, patience, calmness and tranquillity. They perform their duty regularly. 

Such a man is man-the divine. He is an Aalimeen. O son, do you understand what I have been telling you ?


No, father. No. Please explain it to me in detail.


O son. I said “Aalimeen”. Did I not ? I shall tell you the meaning. Listen very carefully.  

Aalimeen is the wonderful, fathomless, bottomless, deep and vast ocean which is ever flowing and ever filling and in whose waters the Mahatmas 
(high souls) and the kings bathe.  

Son, I shall give you the meaning of this ocean. It is said that there are Saptha Samuthiram ( Seven Oceans ). Have you not seen hidden waves constantly filling the oceans ?  

When you look at the reflection of your face in the water, you see the dirt and the impurities of your face like in a mirror. The mirror of these waters shows the dirt in your body. It is your duty to wash yourself and cleanse your body in the waters of these oceans.

These oceans do not accept any dead creatures and push them onto the shore. All the dirt is brought out and pushed to the shore in order to show you how to cleanse yourself. If an ant falls on these waters, it is seen. A house fly fallen on the water is also seen. Every type of dirt and every type of flaw is seen. A man who stands close to the water is seen. A tree that stands near this water is seen too. If a bull or a cow or a goat stands near the water, it is seen. The rain that falls on it is seen.

A snake is seen and even if several creatures hide close by, they are all seen in this water. 

Besides these, the red clouds and the black clouds in the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars and all other objects in the sky are seen in the waters of the oceans. This mirror shows the clean and the unclean. The many waves in the sea keep them clean. The waves throw out the dirt to the shore and the oceans themselves remain clean. 

O son, the novelty of the seas is that they show you with clarity the purities and the impurities of all substances and reveal the secrets of the land and the sky, the good and the evil, death and life and many other matters. 

The seas push the impurities onto the shore. They reject the dead carcasses and push them out. The ant and the fly that fall on the waters are seen.  

A person who looks at the ocean sees the good and the evil, the murders and all the sins that fall into them. Whatever that falls onto the ocean is seen. The seas protect what should be protected, throw away what should be thrown, reject what should be rejected, see what should be seen, take what should be taken, annex what should be annexed and realise what should be realised.

He who forgets himself and knows the Lord with clarity is one who possesses a man’s heart. The great sea is a man’s heart. He who knows that sea, is an "Aalimeen“. 

O son, reflect on what I have said with sense and logic. The deep, fathomless sea is the inner man. He who knows the wonders of the sky and the marvels of the world that are inside this depthless sea is an Aalimeen.

The “meem” – in the sky represents the Primordial Aathi , Effulgence, the Grace of Allah, Muhammad. It falls over the deep sea, pierces the water and reveals the secrets within the sea.  

Similarly son, the one who measures and knows the ocean of the fathomless heart of man is an “Aalimeen”.  

The flame that knows this Aalimeen is the Light called “Aathi Muhammad“. Inside the Aathi Muhammad is the Aalimeen. They are both indivisible. Together they realise the depth of the ocean inside the heart. Together they remove the evils therein.

The One who rules the ocean in the heart is “Ya- Rabbilaalimeen“ (Lord of the Unknown). 

Aalimeens are those who have realised the fathomless depths of the oceans of the heart. They are the unique ones. 

O son, listen to this very keenly. Those who know the oceans are referred to as swamis or Aalimeens. Keep this clearly in your mind.


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