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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

"“The Story of Creation”

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


At the beginning, when Allah wanted to create man, He first created "Aatham". 

In order to create this “father”, Allah wanted a fistful of earth. So He summoned Angel "Jibril". Allah asked Angel Jibril to gather one fistful of earth from the four directions and bring it to Him. In obedience to this command Angel Jibril attempted to collect some earth from the four directions. 

The Earth greeted Angel Jibril, 

“Assalam Alaikum, O Jibril. In the name of God, do not take any earth from me because Allahu thalaa is going to create Aatham . From Aatham He will create man who will commit sins and enter hell. Therefore, I have sworn that I will not give any of my earth.” 

On hearing this, Angel Jibril flew away without taking any earth. Allah the Incomparable addressed Jibril

“Has the Earth thus sworn?”

Then Allah summoned Angel "Mika’il". Allah commanded Mika’il, 

“Go and gather earth from the four directions and bring one fistful of it to Me.”  

When Angel Mika’il attempted to collect the earth, again the Earth prevented it, swearing in the name of Allah. Without uttering a single word, Angel Mika’il too flew away and returned to Allah.

Then Allah called out for Angel "Israfil". Allah commanded, 

“O Israfil, go and gather earth from the four directions and bring Me one fistful of it. 

So Angel Israfil descended to earth and tried to collect the fistful of earth. Once again, the Earth swore upon Allah and protested. Angel Israfil returned to the heavens without the fistful of earth.

Then Allah summoned Angel "Izra’il" and commanded , 

“Go and gather earth from the four corners and deposit one fistful of earth in the place called “Karbalaa”. Angel Izra’il immediately descended on earth and collected one fistful of earth from the four directions. 

The Earth protested and said, 

“In the name of Allah do not take away my earth.”  

Angel Izra’il relied, 

“It is the same Allah on whom you swear who has commanded me to collect this earth. Therefore you may go and complain to Him.  

So saying, Angel Izra’il gathered a fistful of earth and deposited it at “Karbalaa” situated between Mecca and Bagdad.

Allah addressed Angel Izra’il, 

“With this earth you have brought I am going to create Aatham and from him I am going to create man. For the benefit of man I am going to create other lives. Inside the earthen pots I shall enshrine the souls created by my pure grace, the glow of the life-force.”

“Man shall descend to the Earth and live there for sometime. I shall place within these earthen pots the five elements of fire, water, air, earth and life.  

"As a clarifying force, I shall place Aathi Muhammad on the forehead and in the heart. I, Myself shall be the Essence pervading all lives. These men will live in the world for a short time. 

"I shall send you to take their lives and bring them back to Me from Earth, because it was you who brought the fistful of earth. I shall return to the Earth the same earth refined and decorated. You should carry out my command."

“I shall place one of the triple flames on the top in the forehead of Aatham and all the children of Aatham shall have this light of Noor Muhammad in their foreheads. If Noor Muhammad, the eye on the forehead of Aatham 
(the third eye) looks at Me, all that is mine will be seen. The 2x7 ( fourteen) universes I have created and everything therein will be seen by this eye.

Further, Izra’il, I have created Paradise for those who obey my words, and Hell for those who disobey Me. I have written on the tablet called “La-hu” and “Ma-hu” the destinies of all lives.”

Allah continued His address to Angel Izra’l, 

“You must look at the tablet and see whose life has been erased and take away that life. 

"I have created four faces for you, one which is of Glowing Light. You must constantly watch this tablet with the Face of Light. 

"One of the other three faces is the Milky Face. With the Milky Face you must bring in the chariot that is decorated with flowers, those who have truly accepted Me alone and Muhammad; those who have obeyed Me and worshipped only Me without any comparison; those who have shown compassion, mercy, charity on all lives, loving all other lives as their own, those virtuous men and virtuous women among the children of Aatham and from among those chidren, those who emerge as Aalima and Olis, those who know Me and conduct themselves accordingly, those who through Aathi Muhammad shine as Noor Muhammad, the gnostic eye and accept me with certainty, looking at Me with that eye.  

"You must take the lives of all those who have abused Me; all the sinners who have committed many sinful acts and the eighty-four hundred thousand (84,00,000) insects and all cattle with your Black Face.

"You must take away the lives of the jinns, fairies, ascetics, celestial beings and many others created by fire, with your Fire Face. I shall grant them Paradise or Hell according to the good deeds and the bad deeds committed by them.

"Man cannot destroy the “Roohu” (soul) I have created nor can it be created by him.  

"The fistful of earth borrowed from the earth may be destroyed by those who obey “Iblis” (Satan). I have said that this fistful of earth may be replaced by a thousand fistfuls. Each fistful of earth will grow a thousand fold and form the human body mixed with flesh and blood. It will be a cage where my pure substance, the “Roohu” (soul) will reside. Aathi Muhammad and I will reside in this cage, the three of us.”

Allah continued to address Izrai’l, 

“After a term, I shall send you to return to the Earth the fistful that was loaned from the earth. You should go to Earth and bring back my pure substance, Oh Izrai’l.”  

So said Allah these gracefull words. On hearing this, Angel Izrai’l replied, “ 

"My Allah, You have created life and You decree that I should capture them. I fear to do so. My heart is afraid. It trembles with fear. You said that all lives should be loved as one’s own. You said that you would create Aatham from earth and from Aatham all the other man.  

"When men live on Earth with attachment, affection and love, would they not curse me and would not evil and wrong come to me? You are the Entity that will punish me. Further, it may be that I would have to capture the life of a father away from his child. It may be that I would have to capture the life of a mother away from her children according to Your Rule.  

"Therefore, the children of Aatham will suffer and lament,  

"Izrai’l has separated us! 
He has taken away my mother ! 
Hey, sinful Izrai’l (Yama)!’ 

"Thus, if I take away any lives, I will be blamed.  

"Therefore, O Allah, I do not want to do this task. O my Allah, please protect me from this.

Allah relpied, 

“O Izrai’l, do not be saddened by this. They will never attach any blame on you, for when I created this fistful of earth, I decreed that there would be inside this body four thousand four hundred and forty-eight poisonous diseases. 

"At the time of creation, I have written on each fore-head the particular disease from which each person would suffer and reach Me. These diseases reside in the four thousand four hundred and forty-eight blood vessels. The blood that flows through veins; the heat and the fire that accompany the blood; the air that goes in the heat; the water that goes with air - these four run around, play, circulate and operate inside the palace built by the earth. 

"I have created therein a place for each of the four to play around. They play and rest in their respective places in the palace and lie down and fall asleep. It is this state that is called “death” by man. If one of these lies down, it is referred to as a disease. You should be aware of this.

"I have also created the cattle and all other lives. I have similarly established this Rule (Fate) over all of them. I have established “Fate” in the life of man. It is written on his tablet. I have written in his tablet how men s’ lives would be taken by goats, cow, stones, water, trees and in several other ways.  

"When you look at the tablet of Mahu-hu you will know their fate. If it is written on the tablet that a man would be stung by a snake, you should change yourself into a snake and sting him. If a man is to die by a tree, you should stand as a tree and take his life. You should transform yourself appropriately and capture his life. I give you that power! 

"If a man is to die of disease, you should make him fall sick and take away his life. You should take away life in the manner it is written in a man’s destiny. Therefore, when you capture a life, neither Aatham’s children nor other lives would blame you.  

"People will speak of death by fever or death by a snake bite or any one of the four thousand four hundred and forty-eight diseases or by a goat, cow or tree. No one will say death was due to you ! So you can perform your task with grace.” 

So said Allah to Angel Izrai’l.

It is happening today. Angel Izrai’l does not accept any blame. This is Allah’s original command.

Son, Allah looked with His eye of Grace upon the earth placed at Karbalaa by Angel Izrai’l.  

Then this earth turned into clay like that of the potter’s clay which had been churned for seven years. Allah gazed at it with His eye of Grace and the rain of Rahumath (Mercy) fell upon this clay, washing away its impurities and making it sacred. 

Again, God looked at this clay with His eye of Grace and there was added to it pure gold, lesser gold, silver bronze, brass, iron and lead. These seven metals got sieved, melted and mixed together and out of this mixture, Allah fashioned the form of Aatham, Alaihi wa asalatu was-salaam. He created Aatham, the Angels and other celestial beings from within His Grace.

Having so created, God addressed His Angels, 

”I have created Aatham. You must all pay obeisance to him. He knows what you do not know. It s from Aatham that I intend to create man who will reveal things that you do not know and perform many new miracles in the world.

God’s voice was heard by all the heavenly beings.  

The leader of the Angels came down with the other Angels to the spot called Karbala where Aatham was created. It saw the beautiful form of Aatham made of clay.  

It looked at the form and said, 

“God has created this form out of earth and from it He intends to create man. If he and his children are to obey me, I would afford them every assistance. But God has placed them superior to me. I shall therefore, not obey Him and shall cause immense harassment to Aatham and his children.“

Saying this to the Angels who had accompanied him, Angel Iblis coughed out his phelm and spat his saliva on the figure of Aatham. The spit flowed to the region of Aatham’s navel. Today this has become the umbilical cord of the children of Aatham. It is this spit that has also become the umbilical cord of the goats and the cows. It is referred in Tamil as “Saneeswaran” (Saturn) because this was spit on Eeswaran (Aatham).

Thereafter, the Angels with their leader returned to the heavens. 

God, in His knowledge of all that had happened, summoned Angel Jibril and said, 

“O Jibril, the evil, poisonous – charactered one has spat with evil intention his venomous saliva on the beautiful form of Aatham which I created. The otherwise pure Aatham and his children are thus poisoned. This poison should not be allowed to spread throughout his body. Go and pinch out the spot where the spit fell and throw it away."

Accordingly, Angel Jibril came down to earth and with two fingers pinched the place where the spit had fallen and threw it away. This bit of earth that was pinched out and thrown away became a dog.  

Seeing this, Angel Jibril asked, 

“Hey, who are you ?”

God’s voice said, 

"When I created this beautiful form of Aatham, the father of man. Angel Iblis (Satan) became jealous and saliva oozed out of the mouth. Iblis spat this out with malice on Aatham thinking, 

“God has creatd this form so very beautiful and many times more beautiful than I, who have been created out of fire.”

"Therefore, the dog that got created out of this spit would always be thrown out on the earth during the lifetime of the children of Aatham. Because the dog was made out of the earth pinched out of Aathamm, man may touch the spot on its face just above the nose and between the eyes.  

"The rest of the dog’s body is evil for man as it has been mixed with poison. That which is rejected by the children of Aatham shall be food for the dog. It will consume human excreta and urine. It will not know how to differentiate between good and bad. 

"Therefore, O Jibril, what was spat out on Aatham is poison which has spread into the womb. I shall eject this poison from every mother as soon as a child is born. I shall try to dissolve this poison with the Light of the Aathi Muhammad ( Primal Effulgence) and make it ineffective.

God, after telling this to Angel Jibril, further proclaimed in a loud voice“,

"O celestial beings, I am going to pour the “Roohu” (life ) into the body of Aatham. All of you shower the heavenly flowers. 

Saying this, He took out the “Roohu” (life) from His Grace and gazed upon it with His Eye of Grace. A star appeared and stood near Aatham. 

He looked at and asked, 

“Who are you?” 

The star divided itself into seven divisions. God looked at one of the divisons and asked again, 

“Who are you?”

It answered, 

“I am Your Eye of Grace! 
 I am Noor Muhammad“ .

Then God ordered, 

“Go and be embedded on the fore-head of Aatham.”

Accordingly, Noor Muhammad occupied the fore-head of Aatham. This is the eye in the fore-head, the gnana-kan (the Eye of Greater Wisdom). 

God further gazed upon the six divisions. Six sparks fell down at His Gaze and combined into one. That substance is “Roohu” (life). The six sparks are six faces combined as One. This is called “Noor Muhammad” and is also known as Kandan, Sivam and also as Aatham.

God’s Gaze fell upon the six sparks combined as one which again split into six divisions. 

God proclaimed , 

“With the Blessings of My Grace, I am about to admit you into the form of Aatham made of earth. You will shine as six faces and rule as six wisdoms. When you shine as One face, you will see Me. It is this that is Noor Muhammad, also known as Kandan. If you assemble as one face, you will see Me.”

In great agitation, the six sparks refused to enter into Aatham, 

“O god, protect us. We do not want to enter this dirty earth-body. 

God answered, 

“Hey, you are six sparks. I am sending your glory to the world to fill each life and to display it to the celestial beings, to the earth, to the trees and to everything else. But you will go into man’s body as a repugnant substance and return as such.  

"However, I give you a remedy to remove this repugnancy. Go as one substance, exit as six, shine as six faces and if you can stand as One face, the repugnancy will completely disappear!” 

So saying, God gazed upon them.

The six sparks then stood up and approached the apex on the head of Aatham and fell into his fore-head, one by one, to combine as One. God gazed upon that combination. 

It became life and spread through the whole body. There are many meanings to this. I am not explaining everything to you now. There is lack of time.”

This is the life of man. 

As the“Roohu” (life) comes from heaven and sees the earthly body, it feels obnoxious. God had warned “life” about this! 

The six sparks are the six faces or the six consciousness. Since Aatham was created with the mixture of seven metals, there are seven characters or qualities called “Abans” spread in his body. These qualities should be destroyed. 

The Lord has created man in this fashion. The six organs are the inner organs of the body. All the impurities of the earth and the heavens and all the disgusting impurities of both the worlds will disappear if these six faces combine as one. 

The blissful honey of Aathi (the beginning ) will pour on you, if you shine as One glittering face; love the Only One; reach the one guru; do his duties loyally and faithfully and live with calmness and virtuous conduct. The heavy debts of your birth will be erased off you when you consume this blissful honey. 

Dear son, you will then be absorbed into the Grace of the Effulgent God of Blissful Grace.

Dear son, I shall tell you more. Listen. The beautiful body of Aatham has been created out of fifty-one letters. If you can see this with great clarity of mind, you will yourself know the greatness of each of these letters, the shape of each formation, the glitter of each letter and of the unique quality of the origin of creation. Such a man is manu-eesan, (Man-the-divine).

Even at this stage, you must try to reform yourself and perform your duties towards your virtuous guru (Sheikh) with diligence and hearken keenly to his words. Befriend him and merge your love with his. I say this with emphasis. 

When you do this, you will confront many difficulties. This is not all. The world will become your enemy. Your wife and your child will become your foes. Possessions, house, mosque, temple, rights, relatives, people, brothers, mother, father, jungle, gold and many others will get together and try to kill you. You should confront all this without any discouragement.

The animals of the four directions will come to devour you. From the north, will come the leopard, the dog and the fox crying, 

“Come! Come!” 

From the south, the scorpion, the snake and the crocodile will come creeping towards you; from the west, the elephant will come slowly trumpeting, and from the east, the bear and the rhinoceros will come crying out for you. 

Son, all these lives will come laughing to drink your blood!

Be mindful of them. Be courageous. Do not get involved. Cast your eyes away from them and look only at your guru (Sheikh ). Then they will all disappear. They await the opportunity to drink you blood, if you look at them. Remember this.



"Aatham": In Arabic, Aatham means “Our father “ while in the Tamil language, Aatham is known as “ Eeswaran “ and in the Sinhala language as “ Eeswara Deiya”. Aatham in Christianity is Adam.

"Jibril": In Arabic, it is Jibril, while in Christainity it is Gabriel. The Hindu name is “Devandran” while among the Buddhists and the Japanese fire- worshippers, is “Devandra Deiyo”. All these four names in the four religions indicate one being.

"Mika’il": In Arabic, it is Mika’il while in Christianity it is Michael. The Hindu name is “Varna Bahavaan” and among the Buddhists and the Japanese fire-worshippers, it is ‘Varna Bahavaa Deiyo”. All the four religions indicate one person.

"Israfil": In Arabic, it is Israfil, while in Christianity it is the third messenger. The Hindus say “ Waayu Bahavaan” and the Buddhists and the Japanese fire-worshippers say “Waayu Bahavaan Deiyo”. All the four names indicate one person.

"Izra’il" : In Arabic, it is Izra’il, while the Christians say the Angel of Death. Hindus say “Yama Maharajah “ while the Buddhists and the Japanese fire- worshippers say “ Yama Deiyo”. All these four names indicte one person.


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