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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

"​The Tree in the Desert

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


There was a certain large open space with no trees or plants. It was as a desert. It was customary for many people and other lives to pass through the desert. Anyone who passes through this desert experiences the intense heat of the sun which falls on it like fire. It is unbearable to place one’s foot in it. 

A manu-eesan passing through it is a rare occasion. Such a manu-eesan experiencing the heat of the desert, the difficulties and the sufferings he had to undergo, thought to himself, 

“Aha, how many living beings – man, cattle, goats, cows, donkeys, horses and others go this way. They all experience this same suffering. If I plant a tree that will bear edible fruits in the desert and if I water it and look after it, passers-by would have a place to rest. The tree would grow and provide shade to the travellers in the desert.“ 

So being a manu-eesan, he brought a sapling and planted it in the desert. He watered it daily with great diligence. 

When he watered the plant, the travellers who passed by would mock at him, 

“Hey, mad man ! Haven’t you any brains? Are you planting a tree and watering it in the desert where no grass or creeper can grow? How is this possible, man? Go and plant it in your house where the wind does not blow. It will grow easily there and you will have no need to labour. It will be useful for your wife and children.”

The man-the-divine replied, 

”A place where the wind does not blow is of no use to anyone. It is a person who has no manly qualities who acquires things for his wife and children without toiling. The place you mention is a grave. One who dies not feel the difficulties of others and does not love other lives as his own is a corpse. He who trusts this lifeless corpse is a bull.” 

He laughed and said, 

“This is the saying of my guru-leader.”

The travellers laughed, 

“Go you mad man!” 

And went their way. 

The manu-eesan continued to water the tree bringing a pot of water each day with great difficulty. A year passed. The tree grew shooting out branches in all the four directions. The manu-eesan watered the tree during the three seasons and swept the grass on the ground. 

The passers- by still abused him and called him a mad man. Three years passed. The tree had now grown big and the animals that could not endure the heat of the desert sought shelter under its shade. 

Some manu-eesans too would rest and sleep under the foot of the tree before proceeding on their way. Six years passed. The tree now stood high shedding its first flowers. The fragrance of the flowers and the cool breeze from the tree made this place a haven in the desert. 

The manu-eesan who had planted the tree still maintained it by watering it and sweeping under the tree. Many heads of cattle and many creatures including many a manu-eesan used it as a resting place. 

At such times, these manu-eesans would say, 

”Aha, the man who planted this tree is a doer of good deeds. This tree gives rest to many in the de". 

Some would say, 

“The flowers of this tree spread their fragrance round the country. The breeze is cool. This place is elegant.”

Others would still despise, 

“A sorcerer has planted this tree. It conceals the desert.”  

Good words and bad were expressed according to the circumstances of each context.

The tree continued to grow and flourish. Right round the seasons, it was full of flowers, tender fruits, raw and ripe fruits. The travellers of the desert who plucked the fruits and ate them, praised the tree and the man who had planted it. 

It was now customary for the birds of the desert to relish the fruits of the tree, so much so, that some travellers who rested under it, became jealous that birds from everywhere came to this tree to eat its fruits. So they spread nets and set traps to catch the birds and kill them, in order to prevent them from coming there. Therefore, the birds would come stealthily in the night to eat the fruits.  

The tree now thought, 

“What is this ? When I was planted, people despised me and called the person who watered me a mad man. When I grew up and spread my branches and gave shade, they came to my foot and enjoyed and relaxed themselves. What is this? These people think in many ways!”  

So saying, the tree laughed. It continued to laugh thinking of the manu-eesans who had swallowed the poison of jealousy. 

The tree addressed man and told a story

“Dears, those born with me, listen. The Lord, the Graceful God, who created all lives, penetrates our bodies and knows all the secrets of our hearts. He provides food for each one of us. This is the secret of the life of man and all other lives who are fed by Him. 

"There are three secrets of life. They are: Faith in God, Certitude in oneself and Trust in the guru. 

"Those who trust in every one of these three will receive the sacred divine manthras. 

"They are the three functions of Creating, Sustaining and Destroying with the bliss of the Aathi Param ( The Primordial One). 

"The Primordial One exists as wisdom in the man who knows his mind and therefore his life. Realise this.“

The tree further told man, 

“My dear, born as man, I shall tell you another subtle matter. Listen. It is the story of the lotus pond.” (See "Chapter 29", "The Lotus Pond") 


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