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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

“An Encounter With Theiwaanai and Letchimi“

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


In my search for the Primordial One, I have experienced many strange wonders. I shall tell you one of them. 

I was once at a Mount called Surali Malai or the Spiral Mount, when two men, one of whom was an aged man came to see me with an invitation. Their names were Nalla Kani and Oyyappan.

We arrived in the Island of Serendib. We came to the town called Nalla Thani. I saw Theivaani, whom I had once looked after, as a foster child. She was polishing a bronze vessel. As soon as she saw me, she welcomed me.

I inquired of them , 

“From where have you come?” 

They replied, 

“We have arrived from Serendib.”

I questioned, 

“From what part of Serendib? 

"Why have you come? 

"What is the matter ?” 

They said, 

“We have come to fetch you to a place called “Nalla Thanni“ (Good Water). 

I said, 

“I cannot come. 

"Why should I come with you?” 

They answered, 

“It is for a wedding. The bride and groom require your presence to get married. 

"Unless you are present there will be no marriage. They have sent a palanquin to fetch you, their uncle.”

They showed me the palanquin into which I then got in. It was carved out of wood and large enough to be carried by one man in the front and another at the rear. The centre was like a small decorated house with curtains.


“Uncle have you come! 

"Sit here, Uncle, sit on the throne.”

I asked her, 

“Theivaani, are you the same girl or have you become a good girl now?

"It has been a long time since you ran away from me. Where is your husband?” 

Theivaani called out to her husband.

”Uncle has arrived. Take him with you.” 

The husband came and held my hand. He bent down submissively and said, 

”Greetings Uncle. Forgive me!” 

I was astonished at his beauty. His lips were like red beads. His teeth were like pearls and his body had a reddish tint. His face had a greenish hue. His stature was short. His beauty blinded my eyes. 

He took me by the hand and led me to a decorated throne. He asked me to sit there. Nearby, was a house which was fifty miles in length. It was crowded with people, both young and old. 

Among them were many long and grey bearded men, who may have been one hundred, one hundred and fifty, two hundred, three hundred or four hundred years old.

I wondered if it was proper for me, a younger man, to sit on an elevated throne, when such aged people were seated on the floor. 

I said, 

“Ask one of these elderly men to sit on this throne.”  

Then all of them stood up and said,

”We are not worthy to sit on the throne. It was erected for you. You alone must sit here."

I addressed Theivaani’s husband and said, 

“You may all sit down. I will also sit.”

Then I sat on the throne. All the others sat on the floor. I was served with milk and fruits of many varieties on a silver tray. 

I said, 

“My dear, I do not want these. You are all hungry. You may appease your hunger.”

Having said this, I arranged for the recital of some prayers. Many persons came and garlanded me. But I removed the garlands and gave them to an old man.

I sat down for the prayers, saying, 

“Feed these people.”

A large number of people came and formed into groups. I closed my eyes and began my prayers. When I opened my eyes, I found everyone had fallen asleep. Neither Theivaani nor her husband were to be seen. I stood up and walked out saying, 

“What is this ? You have gone away without providing me even some water!” 

I came across a large room. Inside it was a road running from the south to the east and another from the east to the west. I saw a bed with a mattress covered with a green blanket. Theivaani and her husband were reclining on it. 

The husband now appeared to be a different person. I was very angry and took out a large kris knife and a sword that I had in my possession.

I attempted to attack Theivaani and her husband.

I shouted, 

“I shall kill you !”  

Theivaani pushed her husband with her elbow and said,  


"Uncle is angry!”  

As I went towards the bed, she pleaded, 

“Uncle, it is us ! Do not kill us! 

"We are lying here only to see if you are still annoyed with us. It is we who invited you and who have changed this way. Sit here on this bed.” 

With these words they tried to pacify my anger. 

I became calm and inquired, 

“How beautiful your husband appeared to be earlier. In his ears there were two earings and a necklace of “uruthiraadcham seeds“ (seeds of the Rud raksha tree) made out of gold round his neck. 

"Now he has only the earings and his complexion has become very dark. 

"This is why I tried to kill him. 

"Never mind now. Theivaani, how long have I brought up your sister Letchmi and you! Each of you found a husband and ran away! 

"I see you now after such a long period of time. 

"Where is your sister ? I am anxious to see her too.”

Theivaani replied, 

“Uncle, she is also here. She lives in a place further down called “Nalla Thanni“ (Good Water). 

I said, 

“I wish to see her too. Show me the place.“

Theivaani told her husband, 

“Take Uncle and show him where my younger sister stays.” 

Immediately her husband escorted me along a spacious open area, at the end of which was a slope leading underground. This place was full of luxuriant jungle. 

Theivaani’s husband said, 

”Uncle, we have to walk through this footpath. It leads to the bridge of the “Nalla Thanni“ River. You can see Letchmi a short distanbce away. Go and speak to her.” 

I asked him,

“Are you not coming with me? 

He answered, 

“I have no authority to venture further down. This is the limit of my boundary.” 

I complained, 

“This is unfamiliar territory and you are abandoning me here!“ 

He said, 

“No, Uncle ! Go along this path without any fear. When you reach the vicinity of the “Nalla Thanni” River Bridge, you will meet a person who is waiting for you there. He will escort you. 

"When you have finished your conversation with Letchmi, he will bring you back here. He will leave you at this spot, from where I will once again escort you back. 

"It is alright, Uncle. You can now walk along this path and return. I shall wait for you.” 

So, I walked along that path and reached the foot of the bridge. I saw a person standing there obstructing the fifteen fathom wide road. Not even a fibre could creep through him. He had a turban of over fifty fathoms on his head. He was as tall as half the height of a Palmyra tree. He was clad in a white “veti” (loin cloth). 

He had a robe flowing down to his ankles. He was looking intently at the water in the river. The river waters ran over only a single stone. Its colour was that of pure white milk. He stood gazing at this water. I went behind him and tapped him on his shoulder. 

I asked him, 

“What are you gazing at?” 

He replied, 

“Have you come, Bawa? 

"It was you I was observing all this time.” 

I said, 

“Oh, is it me! You mentioned my name! 

"You say you were observing me! 

"How do you know me?” 

He replied, 

“There is nobody in this world whom I do not know! Nobody can venture here without my knowledge. No one but I can enter this country.” 

I asked, 

“Who are you, my dear?“

He replied, 

“I am the guardian of this country.” 

I asked him, 

“How many roads are there in this country? 

"What are their names?” 

He said, 

“This is “Nalla Thanni Paniya Oor” (The lower-village of Good Water). 

"There are four roads in this country. Nobody else can come here, except me. I knew that you would come here on this day at this time. I knew that you would come to see Letchimi to speak to her. I have been waiting for your arrival at this time.” 

I asked him, 

“Why were you gazing at the river? 

"You are a strange person”  

He replied, 

“A big gem emerges in this river once in a very long period of time. I have been watching this river for a long time to take this gem. Whenever the gem comes up and I try to take it, the gem disappears inside. It has been deceiving me in this manner for a very long time.”

I said to him, 

“You are a great man but you do not know this! 

"Lord Allahu ta – Allah has created all mankind. He gives man only what has been intended for him in Awwal (pre-primordial age). 

"He grants to each person only what he should receive according to his Naseef (fate). 

"He would have already given you this gem, if it was ordained for you in your Naseef (fate). 

"When you are not aware to whom this gem is allocated? Why are you wasting your time on it?“

He replied, 

“You are correct. There is truth in what you say.”

I questioned him further, 

“You said there are four roads in this country. Are there four four guards too, one for each road, or are you the only one?” 

He replied, 

“I am the only one ! 

"I stand on all four roads. No one can come on any one of these roads without my knowledge. I have this pre- knowledge, just as I knew that you would come here Today, Monday, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety – Nine ( 1899 ). 

"This is the reason why I was expecting you.” 

“Letchimi, whom you wish to see, is here.” 

He pointed towards a road and said further, 

“If you proceed along this road which turns to the west, you will see a path which turns to the north. When you proceed about ten - fifteen feet along the road which leads to the west, you will come across a large house in a row of houses. Letchimi lives in the third house. When you see her, you can speak to her whatever you wish and thereafter return. I shall wait for you in this very spot till you return.”

I asked , 

“Will you depart only after I return?” 

He said, 

“Yes, this is the instruction I have received.“ 

Accordingly, I proceeded to the third house where I met Letchimi. She was polishing the floor. 

She came running out saying, 

"Uncle, have you come! 

"Welcome Uncle!”  

She embraced me and requested me to sit on a bed covered with a mat on which was a picture of a mosque. Before I sat down, 

I asked her, 

“Letchimi, are you the same girl, or have you become a good girl now?” 

Letchimi replied, 

“Uncle, now I am on the good path. Drink some milk.” 

I said, 

“I am pleased to hear that you are on the good path. Where is your husband?” 

Letchimi replied, 

“There he is, Uncle! He is addressing a gathering. He will come now. Please sit down.“

I said, 

“I must get back quickly. I wanted to see you and your husband. Now I have seen you. Call your husband. I must see him and leave.”

Letchimi summoned a little child and said to her, 

“Uncle has come. Go quickly and bring him“ (pointing to her husband).

Letchimi’s husband called out to her, 

“Tell Uncle to stay for a little while. I am coming now.”

Again I told Letchimi, 

“Call him. I must go now.”

Letchimi called out once more to her husband. 

“Uncle has to go! Come quickly !”  

He replied, 

“Ask him to wait a little more. I am coming!” 

Meanwhile, Letchimi offered me a tray of betel leaves, saffron, areca –nut and chunam and said, 

“Uncle, take at least a betel leaf. 

I looked at Letchimi and said, 

“He has not come yet. Call him !” 

I placed my hand on the tray and only a betel leaf and some saffron came to my hand. I took these and turned to see Letchimi’s husband standing up. I could see his head. 

He shouted, 

“Ask Uncle to stay. I am coming this instant."

He was presiding at the meeting. 

I now saw that he was the same person who had run away with Latchimi.
I was furious and shouted, 

“O thief! 

"Is he not the person who took you away? 

"You told me he was a different person.” 

Having thus scolded her, I got ready to leave with the betel leaf and the saffron still in my hand. As I walked out, Letchimi fell weeping at my feet, saying, 

“Uncle, he is a different person!” 

I pushed her with force out of my way and left. I saw the man who was standing at the foot of the bridge, waiting for me.

He asked me, 

“Have you finished your conversation? 

"You are now happy! Aren’t you?” 

I replied, 

“Yes, everything has been discussed.”

He remarked, 

“Bawa, has this anger of yours still not disappeared? 

"This is the world! 

"Aren’t all the people born into this world, guilty? 

"Can you display your temper to them? 

"You should subdue your temper with “Sabur“ (patience) in this world. 

"Should one not dispel intoxication, lust, theft , murder, falsehood, anger, haste, malice, ego – all these, and live a peaceful life with patience, 
O Bawa!”


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