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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

The Creation of Manu-eesan

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:

Allah created man out of seven metals. He combined these seven metals and purified them to shine as brilliant as a diamond. He inter mingled this combination with Aathi Aatham, the effulgent light of Muhammad and Himself, The Aathi Rahman. He converted this combination into one colour. He further melted it into bronze and further into gold of five facets. Finally, He melted it into the form of the body of man. He solidified this body by enshrining within it, the light of Muhammad. This light grew and developed into a glow and out of this glow, Allah created manu-eesan and made him related to all other human lives.

Allah is the Father of man and all lives are His children. They should listen to His words, obey Him and worship Him. He ordained that a manu-eesan should help all lives and show compassion towards them. He also ordained that all lives, including the house-fly, ant, goat, cow, tiger, lion and totalling up to 84,00,000 lives should show love and compassion to the manu-eesan and obey him. 

In accordance with this order, Allah created manu-eesan with six pure levels of consciousness. He has given manu-eesn, analytical wisdom and exalted him as a father of all other lives. He has made manu-eesan, the mundane god of all living beings in the world. He has made manu-eesan, the helpful father for the one level consciousness life form, for the two level consciousness life form, the three level consciousness life form, the four level consciousness life form and the five level consciousness life form. 

We are the children of Allah, the Primal One, through whose instruction of Grace, it has been decreed that we should shower kindness on all lives, offer sympathy, generosity, benevolence, justice, truth, patience and calmness. We should fulfill our duty of offering kind assistance and be a mother to all lives. Therefore, we must have adequate wisdom. There are lives with one level of wisdom and there are lives with two levels of wisdom. Allah has created lives with such levels of wisdom too.

Allah created manu-eesan to help perfect these people, offer them kind assistance, guide them on the right path, show them the greatness of God and above all to impart to them, the loftiness of Allah, impress in every living being the praise of the mau-eesan, enable all lives to be clarified and to vibrate the ( 2 x 7 ) fourteen universes with the glory and the marvel of Allah. It is for this purpose that manu-eesan has come to this world.

All creations attack man in many ways. But it is the manu-eesan who is singularly chosen for such attacks. He is attacked in his sleep, in his seat, in his walk, in his determination of justice, in his speaking the truth, in his employment and in the several crores of activities of life. Truth itself attacks truth. It is a characteristic of those with lower wisdom to accuse and abuse those who submit to Allah and who carry out His justice.

If you wish to exalt the Primal One, you should consider greatness as a rarity. You should stamp serenity permanently in your heart. Do not neglect your duty to the Primal One. I shall give you an illustration. All lives are under the control of man. Aren’t they ? Is it not man’s duty to help all lives ? The testimony of this duty will heighten the glory of Allah. I shall give you another example.

In a land where there is a spring, the water sprouts forth as pure water. The water gushes forth and a person can see his face on it as if in a mirror. But the water in this state is unfit for human consumption. The spring sucks back into itself the water that gushes out and therefore, other lives cannot benefit by it. A man who sees this spring, widens the opening and makes it into a small pond. Many lives come to this spring to drink its water and get benefited. As the opening widens by itself, the pond becomes a canal and its waters flow, four to five miles in extent and expand the canal. Many lives including that of man, make use of this water to drink, bathe and refresh themselves. As time passes, the canal becomes bigger and the water flows to a distance of about fifty to a hundred miles. The living creatures and all other lives in this distance of fifty to hundred miles make use of this water.

The water that comes from the spring into the river is as clear as a mirror. But the heaps of leaves and the dirt from the river beds pollute this water. It is usual for the goats and the cows and several other lives to drink this water and pollute it through their ignorance. People bathe there, quench their thirst, rest and go their way. But the water that emerges from the spring is as pure as glass. The manu-eesan makes use of this pure water by widening the opening of the spring. Many kinds of impurities get mixed up with this water. A learned man through his ignorance sometimes falls into this water and dies. Some go to the shore and fight senselessly with one another and fall into the water and die. There are yet other creatures who submissively quench their hunger and thirst, and not aware of the flow of the water in the river, step into it, to wade across and get caught to the whirlpools and perish. The Primal One created these people with various levels of wisdom. There are ignorant people who cannot differentiate between good and evil or right and wrong. They spoil the purity of things.

Those who are born as manu-eesans into this world should ignore the actions of these ignorant people and lead them to the good path. They should help to purify such people, remove their impurities, help to develop their wisdom and to experience the Primal One. It is for this purpose that the Primal One has created the manu-eesan.

Man from his birth itself is pursued by illusion. He continues to be guilty in the impure body. Therefore, the Primal One exists within man to purify him as wisdom within wisdom, clarity within clarity, purity within purity, light within light and as the glow of effulgence. Allah has manifested the light of effulgence in the human form and made that light spread round the world in a very subtle way. The manu-eesan reveals the loftiness of the pure glow of the Primal One, exalts His Power and makes wisdom grow.

The manu-eesan exists as the pure substance that shows the path to reach the Primal One. Son, the sixty-four battalions of diseases are the demons that destroy man’s inner wisdom. They are also called little brother, the dogs of the world, the demons of attachments and by several other names.

The spring water that oozes from inside you to flow outside and quench your body thirst and remove the dirt in it, is the resonance of the grace of Allah. The spring of resonance should cleanse the several inner mental impurities and wash them out, little brother. The waters on the surface of the earth are sucked and filtered in. The pure mirror – like waters are sent through the openings of the spring.

Similarly, those who have received Bawa’s grace, must suck in all the impurities present in the attachments to the earth and distil them. Bawa’s grace would send the waters of the spring as the pure effulgence coming from the mouth. All the impurities that come out along with it, should be distilled, sieved and thrown out into the earth. The sinful deeds of the worldly beings and of all the lives on earth would appear mixed up with those born on earth. You should display kindness without any annoyance. Without deviating even a little from grace, wealth and bliss, you should enjoy the Primal One with the triple effulgence as One Light. His words of grace would protect the pure flame emerging from the mouth.


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