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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

"The Closure of The Openings"
(putting the genie back in the bottle)

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


If you close your mouth and control your sense organs, the resonance is unable to exit itself, unable to leak out and lights up the seventh chakra 
(the seventh spiritual sphere) in the body, breaks the point called "piramaranthiram" by the "r-e-e-eeng" noise and reaches the great open space of peace and plenitude. 

Those who reach this stage are labelled with the stamp of silence. They are the incomparable gnaanis, hermits and rishes (the enlightened ones).

In this great open space are many crores of those who rule the universes. They call the open space the self-existing eternal space and there they worship the Primal Unique One. 

It is this Primal Unique Space beyond which is called in the abstract as “sithamparam,” and in the body, as the open space of plentitude, comprehended by the body. 

This is the tranquillity of the Primal Unique One beyond.

It germinates from the region of the base of the spinal cord and of the genitals. This is the state where the beginning or the end cannot be seen. It has two roots in the body. If you look below, there is the region of the base of the spinal cord and the genitals. If you look upwards, there is the point called “sahasraram .”  

In between these two roots is the perfection of the resonance.

Listen to this illustration. If a bottle containing water has its openings blocked, when you turn it up or down, you cannot see which side is the top or which is the bottom. You cannot see the beginning or the end. This force appears as soon as the openings of the saktis are closed. If the exit is not closed, water will leak out when the bottle is turned upwards or downwards.

Likewise, if the water of the life force inside the body is not closed up at the openings, and we frolic about, the life force transforms itself into the soul force, the elixir of life or the sensual pleasures and pours out as semen or female secretion at orgasm. This leads to the development of the world of illusion.

If you wish to merge with God, you should convert the soul force into the bliss of the life force by controlling the pleasurable senses. If you can do this, you can live without tasting death and remain immortal. 

Poet Valluwar has said, 

“He who behaves will live forever.“  

He further said, 

“Behaviour is controlled by the five senses.”  

You should think about these with subtle wisdom, my son. Then you will see that God is within you. You cannot fathom the mystery of the bliss of such worship.

The spark of graceful wisdom is already established in the helpless baby at birth. Therefore, the grace of gnaanam is in everybody. But man does not know how to make use of this and becomes “manu-neesan,“ the degraded one. His character and conduct display a false appearance. He calls himself a manu-eesan and assumes both these roles. 

If a virtuous guru is available to him, he shows himself as manu-eesan and creeps into his wisdom, divides the six facets of wisdom, dispels the false substance and lights up the bliss of the Omnipresent God. 

He is destructible but shows himself as manu-eesan. It is for this reason that I say you need a true guru with wisdom. You should trace him and stick to him.

The guru does not discriminate between the high and the humble. The Primal One who mingles with the high and the low stays with the wise as wisdom, as compassion, as grace, as a limb, as a resplendent wisdom that rules the world, as the ripe fruit of wisdom, as the honey of joy, as the three shining effulgence’s, as the triple resplendence of the parts of the body, as the lamp of clarity and as the heart that rules the wide world with lustre. 

He is the Primal One, my little brother.


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