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The Pearl of Wisdom
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdomor "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


- Original Version -

"Theiwaanai Revisited"

(why Bawa came to the world -

To Establish
"The Final Master- Shaikh",
Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.),
In "The World", And

To Put
God Back In "Man-God/God-Man")
And To Reveal 

All That Is Left” At “The End”
And “The Understanding
of “All That Is Left” At “The End”,

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His Holiness Teaches His Children:


Theiwaanai pointed to me and told her husband , 

“There, I can see Uncle. 

"Go, hurry and bring him.” 

Instantly, Theiwaanai’s husband came and called me, 

“Come Uncle!”

I inquired from him, 

“What’s new in your country? 

"The Bridge-Keeper who talked to me so pleasantly, was unable to accompany me any further. When I requested him to talk to me a little more, he vanished without a word. Is this the manner of your country?

Theiwaanai’s husband replied, 

“Uncle, beyond this point he has no right to proceed. This is my territory.  

"Come with me!”

It was a wide open space covered with grass. We walked over the grass for a short distance. We saw Theiwaanai on the west side of a hall with three hills of broken earthen pots.

I asked Theiwaanai’s husband, 

“Why are so many earthen pots lying here broken? 

"There is nobody here! 

"How did all these pots come here?”

He replied:

“Uncle, these broken pots are those left behind every year by those who come here for the usual annual feast. They cook, eat and leave the pots behind.”



"What a large gathering must come here for such a large number of pots to be here! 

"When such large numbers converge here, you should be very wealthy and lacking in nothing! 

"If you give even these broken pots to a potter, he would be able to make more pots out of them!”

Theiwaanai’s husband: 

“Uncle, do not ridicule us. Is it not your custom for those who feast to leave behind the pots? It is similar here. 

"Furthermore, was it not you who ruled over this place? 

"When you left this place you promised to return soon and take charge. Did you not? 

"We cannot continue to look after it any longer. You should rule here once more! We must return to our home. You must take over now.


“On examining the pots closely, I notice that some pots are slightly broken, some are badly damaged, some are broken in bits and pieces, some are completely cracked and some have small holes. 

"Had you asked the people to preserve these utensils and to use them with care, these pots would have been of some use to others too. Wouldn’t they?”

Theiwaanai’s husband: 

“Uncle, each person finds some fault with the food. They would say, the salt was not correct or the tamarind was not sufficient or the food was tasteless or make similar such complaints. They throw away the utensils and leave. 

So, you should take over you rule now!”


Thus conversing, we approached the spot where Theiwaanai was waiting for us.

Theiwaani’s husband: 

”Why do you tease us? 

"You can take back your own place.“



Theiwaani’s husband: 

“Yes, truly! 

"You must accept it right now.”


“All right, Theiwaani, I have a little work to do. Till I finish the work and return, the two of you must continue to look after this place.”


“Well, Uncle, if you wish us to continue, we shall do so.”


Son, this in truth is what I did, having come to this world and having wandered about till I reached the land called “Nalla Thanni“ (Good Water), where I witnessed this. 

The Bridge- Keeper’s advice to me is voluminous and fathomless. A Master - Guru such as he, rarely comes to the world to advise! This is an incident from the past. It took place sixty years ago.

Thereafter, such great and virtuous Master - Gurus (Shaikhs) are chased away from the island.

In the world today, a search for such a guru is very rare. Even if such a search is possible, the search for a disciple in this world is very difficult. 

If a virtuous Guru and a virtuous disciple associate together in this world, it would be like seeing God Himself!

In any event, if such a Guru and such a disciple were to meet each other, the worldly beings would destroy them. 

The hypocrisy and the disposition of the men involved in the worldly life, are the product of their evil minds. 

A Master - Shaikh appears very rarely in the world.


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